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Fat face is we compare common cate daily, a lot of people love to take oily side, fat face not only delicious, the way is simpler also, basically learn to be met, the face that fry oil is a kind of commonner practice, a few vegetable can be added when frying fat face, the flesh kind etc feed material to add nutrition, taste at the same time taste is a few richer also, it how fry fat face is good to how fry fat faceForum of Shanghai noble baby

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 How to fry fat face delicious simple

One. Feed capable person

Fat face two, xianggu mushroom two, Fall in love with the sea

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Onion is right amount, holy female fruit 4, flesh of braise in soy sauce together, sirlon together, leek is right amount, carrot is right amount, green is right amount, garlic is right amount, ginger is right amount, sweet in June thick broad-bean sauce one small spoon.

 How to fry fat face delicious simple

2. Measure

1. Xianggu mushroom section, carrot cuts into shreds, onion cuts into shreds, leek cuts paragraphs small, green ginger garlic is mincing, holy daughter cuts small if really, the flesh cuts into shreds or section, I am the off-the-peg ripe meat that uses directly, him material is tie-in, like what to eat to be able to be added.

The water in 2. boiler is burned, leave oily area, my person eats, used two so. Although did not have breakfast,do not pass lunch, also return remnant half, my appetite is particularly small, normal person should two1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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As it happens.

3. slips with the chopstick medicinal powder fat face, boil 3 minutes two, mouthfeel him basis. After been boil, scoop, had better enter the water too, such root roots are detached.

Oil is put in 4. boiler, the oily hot garlic that put ginger explodes sweet, put onion again, xianggu mushroom, holy female fruit, sweet in June, wait for other data, next had accusedA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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The face of water falls into boiler to break up together fry, join right amount salt, break up fry even, give boiler.

 How to fry fat face delicious simple

Last pace of 5.

Taste is good still, taste is OK him basis, like to eat condiment, taste is heavy, also can add gallinaceous essence of life, unripe smoke, wait for the condiment of the fried dish, the should increase a lot of season condiment that does outside, so very delicious. Oneself are done, pay attention to delicate nutrition, put salt so, increased a point sweet in June will carry a flavor. Do for the first time, flavour is OK still, namely ought not to lazy, the face is sticky did not have strong line stickily.

3. Small stick person

Because be done for the first time, the face boils a little bit softer, did not have strong line. Boiled a face to steal lazy, straight successional soup brings bleb bowl in, also had done not have cold water, caused a cover a bit sticky, the root root that unlike takes outside is detached, glossy sparkles.

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