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Like to eat the people of shelled fresh shrimps, must learn a few knowledge of servent of choose and buy, cite a case, if surface of shelled fresh shrimps jumps over red word, the content of shrimp green element that shows shelled fresh shrimps is higher, the character of such shelled fresh shrimps can be jumped over tall, want to learn to buy such servent to come back to eat so, because shrimp green element is very effective antioxidant, a lot of people can mix cucumber shelled fresh shrimps eats together, so what does cucumber shelled fresh shrimps have to abstain from?

What does the contraindication of cucumber shelled fresh shrimps have?

Cucumber shelled fresh shrimps is no-no:

Everybody has eaten cucumber most propbably, everybody also has eaten most propbably of shelled fresh shrimps, Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Shelled fresh shrimps fries cucumber most propbably a lot of people had eaten. The item that has need attention also is when eating shelled fresh shrimps to fry cucumber. So is the edible contraindication that shelled fresh shrimps fries cucumber what kind of?

1, shelled fresh shrimps and the fruit that contain tannic acid, if grape, pomegranate, hawkthorn, persimmon is equal,feed, can reduce the nutrient value of oneself protein not only, and tannic acid and calcic ionic union form not other people of dissolve sex union can stimulate intestines and stomach, the person that feed may appear vomiting, giddy, disgusting wait for a symptom with bellyacke diarrhoea.

What does the contraindication of cucumber shelled fresh shrimps have?

2, cucumber does not eat cucumber to follow tomato at the same time, because tomato contains a lot ofvitamin C, and vitamin C is contained to decompose in cucumber enzymatic, the word that eats together will reduce the nutrient value of tomato. Do not want to be used at the same time with celery, vitamin C is contained in cucumberForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Destroy the nutrient value of the vitamin C of celery.

3, the too poor person, person that spends anaemia again does not want overmuch edible cucumber. Do not want to be fed together with beautiful dish, also do not wantFall in love with the sea

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Distribute beautiful food to fry together with cucumber will eat, or the vitamin C that contains a lot ofin beautiful dish also decomposes what be included by the place in cucumber enzymatic destroy, nutrient value prediction of a person’s luck in a given year.

What does the contraindication of cucumber shelled fresh shrimps have?

Each delicate dish all has his edible to abstain from, cucumber carrot shelled fresh shrimps is not exceptional also, its are having its edible contraindication, everybody is in edible when, should notice.

1, suffer from the irritability rhinitis, bronchitic, old people that turns over recrudesce to make sexual irritability dermatitis to should not be have shrimp, and shrimp is change thing of swift as the wind, diet of the person that suffer from skin itch.

2, should not be and chili, spinach is fed together; Unfavorable feed together with beautiful dish, a variety of Chinese cabbage, tomato, orange. Because C of a kind of vitamin all is contained in cucumber, carrot,decompose enzymatic, can destroy the vitamin C in other vegetable. Its are so unfavorable with contain a lot ofa vitaminA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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The vegetable of C (wait like spinach, cole, beautiful dish, tomato, chili) , fruit (wait like orange, citric, strawberry, jujube) feed together, can destroy vitamin C, reduce nutrient value.

3, when edible carrot, unfavorable add vinegar too much, lest carotene loss. When edible, chew time should be lengthened, should not be too short. Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Ability of to nibble slow pharynx raises nutrient absorptivity.

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