[black candy is brown sugar] – of advantage of _ of characteristic of _ of _ black candy

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A lot of friends know brown sugar, brown sugar basically uses sugar cane to undertake juice undertakes boiling the edible cane sugar that make and finishs ceaselessly next extracting namely, its recuperation body to female friend is to have very good effect. Black candy also is a kind of brown sugar actually, boiling nevertheless when making oppositeLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Time is a few longer, so color can be compared deep, but it wants to compare also is distinguished somewhat for brown sugar. A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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 Is black candy brown sugar

Brown sugar is to show sugar cane takes juice via compressing commonly normally, pass simple and easy processing, condense refine and becomeShanghai noble baby

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Edible cane sugar. Brown sugar according to crystallization grain different, cent is candy of pink of brown granulated sugar, brown sugar, bowl to wait, what because do not have,pass height is chastening, preserved the full class status in sugar cane almost, besides the function that has sugar, still contain a lot ofthe microelement such as alcoholic acid of vitamin, pleasant and iron, zinc, manganese, chromium, its nutrition composition is very more than white saccharic tower above. In the meantime, the effect of brown sugar and effect are not little also.

Black candy is the edible cane sugar that did not make through high fine, decolour likewise, because of its color is close to black, be called in Japan and Taiwan so black candy. Traditional brown sugar and black candy are the edible cane sugar that be made with same method and becomes, identical also on nutrient value and edible effect.

 Is black candy brown sugar

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The distinction of brown sugar and black candy basically is in the following:

One, brown sugar and black candy are both between differ as a result of the time length of infusion syrup and the depth of color is caused. The infusion time of black candy is longer, the candy brick that after syrup classics condenses, makes presents the outward appearance close to black. As to both between the difference of configuration and degree of finish is differ because of the means of rework and bring about, consequently common the candy brick that cut becomes different measurement and grind the candy pink with farinaceous wear.

 Is black candy brown sugar

2, no matter be brown sugar, black candy, yellow candy, white sugar,still be rock candy, at first abstraction makes a way is same. Can become different color and model the candy of voice, the reason in the center depends on refining the degree with decolour differs finally. Purificatory rate is higher, color is whiter, purity is taller, but its are sweet degree lift and won’t increase because of purity however.

3, brown sugar withheld the more nutrient part in sugar cane, more easy by1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Human body is digested and absorb, OK and fast additional physical power, be called ” Oriental chocolate ” . In addition, still contain human body to grow all sorts of composition such as the malic acid with development indispensable place, riboflavin, carotene, nicotinic acid and microelement manganese, zinc, chromium. Black candy besides provide heat energy besides, still contain calcic, potassiumShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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, microelement and the folic acid such as iron, magnesium and other are mineral wait, not only nutrient value is extremely high, still be helpful for the soda acid balance inside human body.

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