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Nowadays is to have more and more people special like to go of fitness, nevertheless to female friends a few campaign that compare high strenth do not fit very much, and still can make the muscle that piles up among their body too too of chunk, still look not to come out any line feeling, should want to do a few motion to achieve the result of thin body so, included among this strong and handsome hold, actually strong and handsome hold in the center the main action that has a lot of is to be able to be done.

Basic and strong and handsome drill action

Whole set is strong and handsome drill act is constituted by single act place, it originates bare-handed gymnastics, artistic gymnastics and dancing the movement that wait.

Bare-handed gymnastics movement

Bare-handed and gymnastic movement is strong and handsome hold the content with the mainest action, it is the place such as pretext neck, upper limbs, bosom, waist, lower limbs bend, extend, turn, circle, lift, place, brace up wait for main action to form. Master bare-handed and gymnastic movement correctly only, just finish well and truly likely strong and handsome hold an action.

Bare-handed gymnastics and strong and handsome hold there is bigger distinction on finished method, main show is in the respect such as way of behavioral rhythm, movement, course and modelling. As a result of strong and handsome in holding, increased novel, distinctiveShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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hand-type and pace, especially coxa department action, so, strong and handsome hold an action more rich and colorful.

Artistic gymnastics is bare-handed movement

Wave action is the typical movement of artistic gymnastics. In addition, swing, circle annulus, Qu Shen, balance, turn, jump pace, steps and approximate skill movement also is strong and handsome the content that holds an action. The bare-handed exercise of artistic gymnastics can foster people not only the aesthetic feeling to the movement, and enhance fitness effectively, raise harmonious sex, the difficulty that increases whole set action value.

The simple movement with modern medium dance

Strong and handsome the fluctuation limb in Disco dance, knight dance, break dance was being absorbed in great quantities in holding, truncal, neck and sufficient step on a movement, especially coxa department action, this gives strong and handsome hold added vigor, in the meantime, also be helpful for reducing hip and abdominal and adipose accumulation, be helpful for improvingLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Harmonious sex of the movement and flexibility.

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In addition a lot of movements in folk dance, change of the alignment in basic gymnastics, formation also is strong and handsome one of held content.

And strong and handsome holding the action in the center is not serial sex, can make a few more onefold motions first, suchForum of Shanghai noble baby

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When the movement is done, return more healthy, and when doing setting-up exercise, be not to need any athletic weapon, if master the flexibility of good body can, strong and handsome nevertheless hold the movement inside to still be what abound quite, won’t feel so as dry as a chip.

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