” furnace stone is fabulous ” hunter profession magic arts blocks call newly 3 kinds of animals are companionate

Today before dawn, advocate sow released in small gain ” furnace stone is fabulous (Hearthstone) ” the murmur of ancient god (data of Whispers Of The Old Gods) piece hunter profession gets stuck newly: Herd call, the effect is Sha of rice of call of 8 cost magic arts, Leiouke and Huo Fu, specific the expression of this piece of card in actual combat how, we expect together.

Card of this piece of card looks is associate of 3 pieces of animals is fit, be not actually such, the face is black small make up oneself to be in give Leiouke forever to associate of the animal in battle, the effect of associate of 3 pieces of animals overcomes X3 for Lei Ou, but used this piece of card to be able to give the animal associate that you differ 3 kinds each kind, still have the assault pig of a 5/3 among them, can use solve well, the big wall of a 5/4 can hold off a few little live thing, practical still calculate pretty good.

The charge that is this piece of card only has a place really tall, adversary should solve Mi Sha and Huo Fu to browbeat with respect to basic that’s all right only, the word of T7 hunt won’t be taken for certain, hunt of the following middling speed may take a piece to earn calorie of difference, the word of arena also can consider take, after all 8 cost are OK call biology of 3 high quality, as a whole this piece of quadrature in blocking the plan in belonging to, did not give us too much surprise.

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