Slightly Mad author: Cycle racing plans 3 meetings playing a way and NFS13 similar

Although still be done not have till now ” cycle racing plans 3 ” the information that releases formally, but everybody should be OK also guess Slightly Mad atelier to had begun to consider be being made newly, hold CEO Ian Bell concurrently to divulge according to author of Slightly Mad atelier, ” cycle racing plans 3 ” meeting playing a way and ” highest grade flying car 13 ” similar. ” highest grade flying car 13: Gearshift ” with the tradition ” market opportunity racing bicycle + constabulary cateran ” highest grade flying car is different, it is more hard nucleus more deflection at drafting the cycle racing game of true style, and be in ” highest grade flying car 15: Gearshift 2 ” in Slightly Mad atelier farther aggrandizement the cycle racing experience that imitates true style, so Slightly Mad atelier is in new ” cycle racing plans ” in still be meeting continue to use this one element. Ian Bell says: “” cycle racing plans 3 ” meeting more ‘ is dedicated. . . . . . More interesting ‘ . . . . . . Some players are right ” cycle racing plans 2 ” medium a few change cannot suit, brought a lot of balance sex issues. We drew a lesson here, we innocently cutout reduces content, but the problem that we know to we need to solve, we need to make a design where decision-making, ” cycle racing plans 3 ” will become ” highest grade flying car 13: Gearshift ” mental successor. ” although ” cycle racing plans 2 ” got harvestinged a lot of recognition, provided rich game content to players, but Ian Bell thinks game still has a lot of places to need to improve it seems that. The end that Slightly Mad atelier may demonstrate if saying above him is game is made newly will use ” recursive foundation ” the method that make, everybody expects please.

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