Candied share price of China of latest news of Chinese candied stock steeps fall the backside of 50% above

On July 14, chinese candied share price shows shoot, the biggest drop achieve 61.32% . Up to closing quotation, newspaper of company share price closes at 0.229 HK dollar / , drop 56.79% . It is reported, the backside that this second China candied share price steeps fall, not be to do empty orgnaization place to be, result from however the equity that one picket fails is bought case.

On July 13 evening, chinese candy releases announcement to say, up to on July 13, 2017 afternoon at 4 o’clock, should make an appointment with capital of Heng Feng of person EVER MAPLE FLAVORS AND FRAGRANCES() buy belong to the same organization of share of company total number, because did not obtain relevant condition, should make an appointment with already invalidation, and want to won’t adjourn about or revise.

And the female Zong Fuli after this also means Zong Qing, be about to realize free-standing dream to be broken through buying Chinese candied equity. Breath out the successor that breath out as child, zong Fuli will how look upon Where is the business that this picket fails? Regard this as the leading role of second incident, is Chinese candy bought in this picket equity what kind of part to act again in the case?

For this, ” negotiable securities daily ” the reporter interviewed relevant personage, buy the capital game in the case in order to unscramble this picket equity.

Zong Fuli plans suspension independently

According to Chinese candy the announcement that issues before this shows, on May 12, the company announced Zong Fuli to use its capital of actual pilot Heng Feng (grand get the better of) of beverage parent company, with present price the convert into money of 30% , namely every 0.3565 HK dollar, predict to cost 573 million HK dollar (add up to 507 million yuan of RMBs about) all share in buying Chinese candy to already issued capital stock, in wanting to be bought about, jia Qingfa of two of Chinese candy main shareholder is exhibited reach Noble Core to was made on May 10 cannot recall acceptance.

However, this picket by the business that values inside course of study, end in order to fail however after passing 3 months.

On July 14 afternoon, zong Fuli issued the statement that should restrict lose efficacy about accusing a limited company cash reserve in a bank with Chinese candy external, feel regretful to buying failure.

Say in statement, constant maple capital is in whole in buying a process, scrupulously abide by the liability that should restrict a person and obligation from beginning to end, fulfill each to buy matters concerned with the truest sincerity. Company future also will continue to hold to oneself develop the strategy, the commercial value orientaton that acts on active health continues to explore relevant field. To the company, this is active, the exploration that has constructive sense, valuable experience was provided in relevant domain layout in the future for the company.

Whether can you still pass capital market to fulfil independent dream to Zong Fuli? ” negotiable securities daily ” the reporter is called grand get the better of understanding of beverage company relevant controller, its express to not be clear about. Make an appointment爱上海同城

with invalidation be related as to this secondary, she expresses, with China candied announcement is accurate.

The business that to Zong Fuli and Chinese candy this picket fails, bright red Dan Peng accepts researcher of Chinese food academy ” negotiable securities daily ” when the reporter is interviewed, express, after Zong F上海夜网

uli manages thinking to want to compare Zong Qing more open, zong Fuli product + the thinking mode of capital, accord with the development train of thought that Chinese quick pass the time in a leisurely way tastes. This上海夜网论坛

Zong Fuli should buy Chinese candied equity to fail about, main reason is to sign the company share price that should restrain markers and subsequently price to have very big discrepancy.

Nevertheless, in Zhu Dan bitter fleabane looks, zong Fuli should buy belong to the same organization of Chinese candied equity about is a lesson to its, also be the experience with rich brushstroke, predicting Zong Fuli still will not continue to seek the opportunity that capital runs.

And in executive trustee of capital of popular a section in The Book of Songs consisting of sacrificial songs Shen Meng looks, candied housekeep of China of have the aid of of Zong Fuli plan, but its this kind of state of mind was used.

Shen Meng is right ” negotiable securities daily ” the reporter expresses, as the theme that seek profit, china shows partner candiedly to run cloth good bureau through a series of capital, introduce Zong Fuli to be covered as notional hype, perch again now. And covering after showing, perch is received dish medicinal powder door buy interest to comparing present price to should be made an appointment with of convert into money considerably not quite, because this brings about Zong Fuli,buy failure.

Be used by banker?

Public data shows, held water in April 2000 the China of the portion is candied, did poineering work in Hong Kong on November 11, 2015 board appear on the market. Company advocate business Wu includes gel candy for production, aerate the type such as candied, horniness candy and chocolate goods is candied product, it is good that candied brand is owned below the banner come house.

However, to Chinese candy, land capital market to did not change the destiny of deficit of company outstanding achievement, according to the company 2015, reached 2016 outstanding achievement of one quarterly reports showed 2017, the company all is in deficit condition.

Accuse when Zong Fuli Heng Feng capital is given out to Chinese candy when wanting to be bought about, chinese candied share price also soares subsequently.

” negotiable securities daily ” the reporter consults the share price of Chinese candy walks along situation discovery, since March 30, the share price of Chinese candy goes tall all the way, from 0.162 HK dollar / , the most rising to 0.94 HK dollar / (on May 18) , the biggest go up to achieve 480% .

Specific in light of, chinese candy issued announc上海夜网论坛

ement stopping a card on March 30, company share price goes up greatly that day that day 16% ; On April 3, company answer card share price soares that day 75.53% ; On May 10, company share price rises once more 31.65% , additional, this paragraph of time that should buy Chinese candied equity about is announced in Zong Fuli inside, the share price of爱上海同城对对碰

Chinese candy is in many trade go up in day more than 20% .

On July 14, trade in the first after announcing to want to restrict lose efficacy day, chinese candied share price is the biggest that day drop more than 60% , before instant of company share price returned 3 months.

To this, shenyang bud analysis says, above all, the large stockholder of Chinese candy once was decreased for many times hold company stock to give tripartite, but decrease actually hold a share by certificate business hold, and every hold quantity上海贵族宝贝

all is not worth the line citing a shop sign of 5% , right now they already cloth good high price covers showing bureau; Next, chinese candy matchs carry out before Zong Fuli is bought again new, it is what business development needs on name, it is low obtains more chip actually; Finally, the news share price that gives off Zong Fuli to buy is pulled point-blank after rising, all inadequacy of 5% hold a person but instantly perch is covered now.

” negotiable securities daily ” the reporter consults discovery of Chinese candied announcement, on March 17, chinese candy already pressed 268 million share matching carry out match price 0.148 HK dollar distribute every share matching carry out successfully carry out grants not less than 6 bear match a person, plan 38.7 million HK dollar completely, hold the capital stock after expanding about 16.67% .

Chinese candy says in announcement, the company plans to make an appointment with clean raise the wind 20 million HK dollar to be used at buying a property with making the office with, about 18.7 million HK dollar uses as the fund of general run transport of the group.

Additional, from Chinese candy partner holds a circumstance to also can see, two large stockholder of company: Jia Qingfa is exhibited reach Noble Core 2015 year November hold mix 268.2 million for 696.6 million respectively, hold a scale to be respectively 51.99% with 20.01% ; Arrived half annals is medium 2016, jia Qingfa exhibits hold a scale to begin to decrease, announce the correct time in 2106 for 44.78% , be in later the 3rd quarter 2016 and the four seasons and 2017 in first quarter, jia Qingfa exhibits oppose a scale drop off, arrived this year first quarter, its hold a scale to be only 9.33% . Additional, of Noble Core hold a scale to the four seasons is spent and also decreased somewhat first quarter this year last year, up to this year first quarter, of this company oppose a scale for 16.68% .

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