Love Si Kai (rate of 300521) be the lucky number and be the lucky number match an inquiry to appear on the market date time

Guangzhou city loves Inc. of Si Kai science and technology (since 300521) held water 2006 oneself, the equipment before dedicated Yuyin and the sale of the material before imprinting and service, and the research and development that sortie industrialization prints a technology, develop 32 in succession early or late, 48 the head of road, 128 64 road, laser that print, apply its successfully at CTP, rolled out product of series of generation Alpha900, realized small lot production.

2007, 上海千花网交友

the CTP that loves Si Kai initiate rents service mode to be rolled out formally in Chinese market, become what China succeeds the first times to serve CTP technological process to sell provider of the before imprinting equipment of organic union, service with CTP, the CTP application that provided high quality equipment, low intervening doorsill, low use cost for the client sells pattern, become one of person basically be driven that Chinese CTP technology applies.

Since 2008, introduce abroad industry capital successfully as the company, the company increased investment of research and development accordingly, was on the road that the product upgrades quickly. June 2010, the company rolled out heat quick model send get the better of 800 series and UV model send surpass 800 series product. Compare with photograph of product of series of generation Alpha900, heat quick send get the better of speed of plate making of 800 series product faster, precision is taller; Among them, UV send get the better of 800, divide outside can using CTP edition, still can use traditional PS edition, solved the problem with high cost of material of bad news of heat quick CTP effectively.

In Feburary 2011, the heat that the co上海千花社区

mpany rolled out applicable forme size to be quarto quick model send get the better of 400 with UV model send surpass product of CTP of 400 two old series, in be being used at be being satisfied further small presswork the requirement that the enterprise uses printing plate of little width of cloth. In April 2011, heat quick send nimble 800 with UV model send nimble product of two 800 series is pushed to the market, this series can with offer edition system and strong edition machine automatically to be linked together, implementation is offerred those who control edition process is edition, plate making, strong edition, full automatic change, can reduce manpower cost effectively, improve plate making efficiency, suit forme generous especially large and medium-sized presswork enterprise.

In August 2012, the company rolled out product of series of the UV U8128 that send nimble; May 2013, the company rolled out product of series of the heat quick T8256 that send nimble again. Photograph of product of CTP of other offset print of two kinds of afore-mentioned products and company is compared, plate making rate is rapidder, more the demand that can full footprint brushs an enterprise to grow increasingly to plate making speed. In June 2013, the company still rolled out heat quick model send get the better of V and UV model send surpass product of CTP of V series offset print, the oldest width of cloth of edition of afore-mentioned two kinds of product comfortable affix an official seal is a standard-sized sheet, can full footprint brushs爱上海同城对对碰

an enterprise to be opposite the demand of plate making of old width of cloth.

In October 2013, the AURO of the company is soft imprint CTP trial-produce is successful. Of the same age in December, this product is pushed formally to the market, the company also becomes home to be rolled out the earliest accordingly soft imprint one of enterprises of CTP. Of the company soft imprint CTP product basically pressworks with Yu Rou edition th上海贵族宝贝论坛

e plate making link of enterprise and center of soft edition plate making. Soft edition CTP is helpful for improving at present domestic soft edition pressworks the craft of traditional plate making of the enterprise, promote domestic soft edition to presswork considerably the manufacturing efficiency of the enterprise, sti上海千花网龙凤论坛

mulative paper is packed, plastic pack, the metal is packed etc pack presswork with label the development of the domain. Add: Guangzhou city loves to manage Inc. of triumphant science and technology does poineering work board issue manual of stock raise capital by floating shares publicly first (declare draft the newspaper sent on June 10, 2015)

Love Si Kai (300521) issues a state

Love Si Kai (300521) appears on the market time: 2016-07-05 (Zhou Er)

Love Si Kai (date of 300521) be the lucky number announces time: 2016-06-28(Zhou Er)

Love Si Kai (300521) matchs order: Land APP of corresponding certificate business to inquire material information matching order

Love Si Kai (date of 300521) be the lucky number announces:

End 4 digit: 8004 3004

End 5 digit: 15328

End 6 digit: 117201 242201 367201 492201 617201 742201 867201 992201

End 7 digit: 8340546 9590546 0840546 2090546 3340546 4590546 5840546 7090546

End 8 digit: 18404985

Of the investor hold that every participates in the price on this second net to issue explain buy odd amount in addition to the round number matching order is as same as afore-mentioned number, it is number of be the lucky number. Number of be the lucky number shares 40000, number of every be the lucky number can 500 Guangzhou city loves subscribe A of Inc. of Si Kai science and technology stock.

Attention: Center of data of net of fortune of east of arti爱上海同城

cle content origin, the message affirms not formally still at present, above data offers reference only, when official data is announced this net will correct newlier for a short while.

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