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Extramarital love is nowadays of marital topic popular, it is female the Eight Diagrams the incident of the longest side that hang the mouth. The contagious psychology that you do not know extramarital love sees below.

In the Chinese vocabulary of vast, “Extramarital love ” it is a neuter word absolutely, without honour without demote, salty weak moderate, resembling is a prostitution woman from fine hind, the Yun in custom wears to be full of the lasting appeal that the story feels. From fineA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Before? Its name is called ” adulterine ” .

Although of expression is ” married person with the spouse besidesShanghai Long Feng forum

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person happening amour ” clou. “Extramarital love ” far than ” adulterine ” want enlightened bag concessional much. On one hand, because,this is of the society open with ” monogamy ” execute, make people more and more difficult defend chastity to arrive old, off the rails group sends giant; more on the other hand, because people begins to realise,also be, man or small 3 be not the off the rails person that make tomb figure exclusively. Extramarital love is pure physiology impulse not only, also be a kind cannot ego pilot ” ill ” ! In the family between two generation, in classmate friend circle, the most catching.

1, extramarital love is hereditary disease, in familial in infect most common

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More in choose idol standard, have ” anthology male should look after the house article ” this one. “The home is tasted ” in included parents of the other side to be spent in the faithfulness that treats marriage to go up. Result of a lot of research makes clear, “Extramarital love ” the most catching between two acting peopleShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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, person of generation of false as above produces serious affair action, so the probability that they issue generation happening affair is achieved 67% .

Extramarital love has very strong familial transmissibility feature really. This kind of heredity is not to pass the generation below gene entail, pass mentally however ” black is remembered ” will affect next generation, that is to say, if his father generation has produced extramarital love, so, no matter hidden still publicizes action of this kind of extramarital love, his mentally is met by deeply of the anguish on bake in a pan, fear is mixed by abandon by alienated ” black is remembered ” , and this kind ” black is remembered ” meetingShanghai Long Feng forum

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Accompany him to spend big half a lifetime, the kind that makes his reoccupy produces extramarital love goes treating this kind of anguish and fear.

Of course, a lot of men are met to spouse promise, of parental ancestors adulterous let him bear a lot of anguish, on the child body that won’t invite similar tragedy to happen in oneself absolutely so. Just this wishs to want to often come true very hard. Because of the mankind from children age depend on parents, become truly distinctive and individual process to grown adult in, meeting automatically him translate into of the regulation in the environment, feature in-house regulation, feature. This kind goes meaningFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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The self-identity of knowledge, only yielding the job that leaves the most profound influence to him at be in and person, do not suffer him himself assign, do not be move with individual volition.

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