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Yam serves as a kind of potato kind crop, the amylaceous content that contains among them fromA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Also be very tall like that. And yam also can complement the comprehensive nutrition that person body place needsShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Coming is a kind of accepted cate. Meanwhile, the method of the yam that make also is multifarious, but the yam that boil is a kind most can the method of flavour of keep yam pink. But to reducing weight for the personage, how many quantity of heat can you contain considering the yam that boil with respect to need?

 Quantity of heat of the yam that boil

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Every 100 grams are fresh in yam, what what contain because of its is adipose and only 0.3 grams, the quantity of heat that produces so also has 99 kilocalorie only, it is the 1/3 of rice about, it is thus clear that its quantity of heat calculates at all must not tall, should say the food that is a kind of low adipose, low heat energy.

And, the bases of yam is amylaceous, the quantity of heat that the yam that thoroughly cook follows a potato is same, everybody had not heard of eat a potato to be able to be brought about fat, the by-product potato besides the potato besides, eat yam to be able to be helped more instead group reduce weight. Additional, tell everybody a secret, the protein that contains in yam and adipose it is less, but the protein quality that its contain is high, this kind of protein can decrease hypodermic and adipose, what can help us maintain liver kidney function is normal move.

 Quantity of heat of the yam that boil

Eating yam also is very cultured, unfavorable eat more, eat much the carbon dioxide with can easy many generation, cause easily still abdominal distension wait for a problem. Nevertheless the place in yam contains sugar the volume is higher, unfavorable and hollow edible, can cause the countercurrent of stomach and esophagus otherwise, create the appearance of the water that spit acid. Yam is ten million cannot with persimmon together edible, such meetings cause gastric ministry very easily unwell, more serious can cause gastrorrhagia or be gastric ulcer. Yam does not suit to follow sweetmeat one case edible. The quantity of heat that yam itself contains is higher, again with sweetmeat an edible was measured with respect to good generation high fever, serious word still may cause blood sugar to lift. Yam must thoroughly cook ability to eat, the yam of rawness is unfavorable digest and absorb.

 Quantity of heat of the yam that boil

Look small the introduction that writes everybody, be too impatient to wait want to take yam to boil will eat? The girl that is reducing weight has gourmet’s luck with treasure Mom, of yam those who eat a law to be evaporate is best, the nutrient part of reservation is maximum, long eat not be bored with, connect intestines and stomach, aid digestion.

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