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In daily life a lot of people have collywobbles all over algid circumstance, occupied it is female friend, what this kind of circumstance meets pair of patients not only is healthy cause huge harm, also can affect their normal life and work badly at the same time, understand the cause of disease so, find scientific and effective treatment method to appear particularly important. The base of a fruit of burst of ovarian corpus luteum, ovarian cyst is turned round or may the disease such as appendicitis of bellyacke of sex of burst, dysmenorrhoea, oviposit, acute causes this.

Collywobbles all over algid how to return a responsibility

1, burst of ovarian corpus luteum

Because corpus luteum internal haemorrhage is more,this is be caused by, companion has the abdominal pain of next abdomen of sudden fit or a side, serious when still can appear shock. Majority of burst of ovarian corpus luteum happens in the 20~26 day of menstrual cycle, next abdominal ache can appear when coming on, weight is differ. Ovarian corpus luteum is before burst, all have ovarian hyperaemia, intumescent process, when ovarian get the influence of outside force or indirect outside force, especially when menstrual early days congests, if exert oneself to do sth. because of defecate, Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Traumatic, sexual intercourse, acuteness activity and cause. Hospital make a diagnosis and give treatment had better go instantly after burst of ovarian corpus luteum comes on, cannot abuse anodyne by oneself, lest mask a symptom, affect normal diagnosis and processing.

Collywobbles all over algid how to return a responsibility

2, ovarian cyst the base of a fruit is turned round or burst

Because the base of a fruit of cyst is longer,this is, volume is large also, with all round not sticky even, mobile sex is big, should be changed happen when the influence by alvine peristalsis or posture turn round. When ovarian tumour the base of a fruit is turned round, happen suddenly at playing abdominal a side sorely, for durative angina, constant companion has disgusting the attachment that with vomitive; abdomen can apparent tenderness and anus of muscle insecurity; show check can discover intumescent, tenderness. Ovarian cyst is passable produce burst, content of the content after burst stimulates peritonaeum to produce acuteness ache. B exceeds an examination but diagnose. Require treatment of urgent disease operation commonly.

Collywobbles all over algid how to return a responsibility

3, dysmenorrhoea

Friend of a lot of females because of dysmenorrhoea, roll about on the ground. Actually dysmenorrhoea is dividedShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Former hair sex and dysmenorrhoea of afterwards hair sex two kinds. Send sexual dysmenorrhoea formerlyShanghai noble baby

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Common Yu Qingchun period girl, element of psychology of element level, cold, mood concerns the prostate inside reason and body and do not have implement qualitative sex pathological change, grow as the age or marry with after bearing, general and OK self-healing. Common cause is dysmenorrhoea of afterwards hair sex different of the film inside the uterus disease and disease of uterine gland flesh. Expression accentuates gradually for ache, show periodic show effect more, or the abdomen below blame period has secret anguish and go by around accentuates. In addition, constant companion has infecund reach menstruation is maladjusted, often need to medication.

4, oviposit sex bellyacke

This belongs to oviposit sex bellyacke of physiology sex, expression is the abdomen below a side sex more secret anguish, blunt painful or object bilge appearance is aching, at the same time companion has partial girl a few vagina bleeds, namely oviposit period bleeds, disappear in proper motion of 9 Queen of heaven more, do not exceed 7 days commonly. This kind of bellyacke is muchShanghai noble baby

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Do not have any pathology to change, examination of department of gynaecology is completely regular also, belong to physiology sex bellyacke, do not need to handle commonly.

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Acute appendicitis

It is a kind of girl next common abdomen are aching, it belongs to surgical disease, but need and photograph of disease of department of gynaecology are differentiated. The patient that makes an appointment with 70%~80% begins the abdomen on the feeling or ache all round hilum, the move after several hours arrives right next bellyacke, confine of bellyacke of pure sex appendicitis is in right next abdomens, can show durative or clonic painful. Aggravate of bellyacke of fester sex appendicitis, show more clonic pang or bilge painful. Necrotic sex appendicitis begins to show durative jump painful, bellyacke limits expands, degree aggravate. Inchoate have more spend food of disgusting, vomiting gently, constant companion has anorexia and constipation. Inflammation is serious from time to time appears abdominal distension. Occurrence move sex is right next bellyacke, it is the characteristic of appendicitis. This disease needs an operation to excise cure commonly.

6, the heart because sexual bellyacke

If have the girl of school phobia, the patient fears to go to school, fear to take an examination. If force a patient to go to the school, she can produce angst mood and angst sex body unwell, if complexion is cadaverous, the heartbeat is accelerated, breathe hurried, bellyacke to be borne hard, vomiting, have a headache dizziness, some patients see a doctor with severe abdominal pain for many times, but it is normal that all sorts of examinations all are as a result. And once make a patient temporary suspend one’s schooling, angst mood and unwell symptom can get very quickly alleviating, bellyacke disappears instantly. This kind of patient, need undertakes psychotherapy.

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