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Article introduction

Outskirts climbs, it is the summer very pretty good anthologyNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Choose, the beautiful scenery that can enjoy big hill namely and cool, can exercise body of one private parts again. So does the summer climb what needs watchful item? Differ actually1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Season goes climbing, the item that needs an attention also can differ somewhat, we come to everybody introduction below, what does the note that the summer climbs have, the hope can provide a few helps for everybody.

What does the note that the summer climbs have

Clothings preparation.

Above all, preparation sucks the pants of clothing of pure cotton sports of sweat, appropriate climbing boot or sneaker. Again, because the air temperature on hill plays on the low side than hill, should take the coat that the root of fangfeng breathes freely. Additional, the weather on hill is changeful, also can prepare portable raincoat.

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Proposal: Summertime mountain-climbing, the clothing is light sweat is wet, because this is best,the wash-and-wear clothing and other articles of daily use that washs clothings or outdoors motion is changed on equipment.

Drinking water prepares.

Summertime mountain-climbing perspires more, should complement in time portion of the water inside body, appropriate drinks weak brine, boiled water or functional sex beverage.

Proposal: Should notice a few water for many times, lest increase burden of intestines and stomach. After be sure to keep in mind to cannot moving drinkable ice water.

Fruit vegetables, the preparation of food.

Can prepare portable fruit vegetables, be like: Cucumber, the apple. Additional, also can prepare whole wheat bread, chocolate reachs the food such as jerk.

Prevent bask in preparation.

Summertime ultraviolet ray is easy and burnable skin, accordingly, ascend road to be prevented mediumly bask in indispensable also, should go up in bare skin before mountain-climbing besmear go up

Prevent bask in protect skin to taste.

Proposal preparation: Prevent bask in a cap, sunglass prevent bask in equipment.

Time preparation.

The summer suits to mountaineerA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
Time is, arrive before sunrise in the morning 10: 00 the left and right sides, afternoon 15: Of 00Shanghai night net

A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city
Hind, suffer heatstroke in case.

Medicaments preparation.

The summer suffers heatstroke easily, because this can take on a few standing drug, be like: Person red, water of healthy atmosphere of wrinkled giant hyssop.

Because the thunder wet of summer is angry more frequent, weather forecast is watched before had better having a travel. Summer also is a few mosquitoesShanghai night net

A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city
More season, also be the snake appears and disappear at the same time more season, scarcely should have a thick growth of grass casually in the center, avoid to be bitten by anguine bug. If be in,body overworked appears in climbing, be about to stop rest rest, do not want excess load climb forcibly.

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