[what crowd suits Lian Yuga] how does athletic _ exercise _ of _ gem gal – of _ motion method

Article introduction

As modern society air pollution increasingly serious, the weather of mist haze also happens from time to tome, so this compared poor friends to bring more disease hidden trouble to those body strength. It is better to because this a lot of friends hope to be in what work busily to take out a few times,come exercise him body, then gem gal becomes him1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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People best choice. So what crowd suits Lian Yuga? Be aimed at this doubt, next time asks friends to understand with me together.

What crowd suits Lian Yuga

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According to current scientific outline for, having heart disease or the public figure that are asthma is to cannot practice gem gal. Because suffer from asthmatic patient is breath of reasonable without method attune, and to heart disease patient, the teacher because cannot at any time accurate control the palpitant frequency of the person that practice, offer accurate guidance without method, suggest these two kinds of personages do not practice gem gal. Many man fitness do not like gem gal, because they think Lian Yuga can add flexibility only, cannot aggrandizement muscle, be such? Either such. General campaign trains chunk muscle centrally more, and it is OK also that gem gal connects a few depths and petty muscle however forgeForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Refine gets, make what they bear fruit won’t develop overly however. Muscle develops overly to often can make this place beyond the mark tighten up, can cause problem of backache, cold low-necked, must in order to extendFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Exhibit motion to come slow. Gem gal also can give this respect help on. Accordingly gem gal can say is one kind can enhance force, staying power already, what can improve soft toughness again is comprehensive change campaign. Can Lian Yuga alleviate does period ache? Does the female of period suit Lian Yuga?

Move through specific gem gal, can promote us to issue half-length blood circulation, exercise our pelvis, achieve alleviate the purpose with female aching period. Female period is OK Lian Yuga, but proposal female friend is not in period Lian Yuga. Why to suggest female friend is not in period Lian Yuga? Although the female can drill in period gem gal, but some movements must not be done, e.g. the movement of waist of a few extruding, the action that still has handstand and so on must not drill. Actually to female friend, a month has gal of many days of 20 exercise gem already enough, why must be of period these days Lian YugaLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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? What do those actions that the female of period said to a moment ago you say when Lian Yuga have to endanger? When female period, pelvic cavity congests in great quantities, handstand can cause human body blood to flow backwards, consequence is very serious, and of the waist crowded1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Pressure, also can accentuate the burden of pelvic cavity, increase the haemorrhage amount of period, so the female should make the motion of this one type in period scarcely. Some old people, feel oneself are old, character is too strong, it is OK to such returning Lian Yuga? Character is stronger, ligament jumps over poor person, need Lian Yuga more. Because practice gem gal,as it happens can help old people improve these conditions. old people already 559 years old, OK still Lian Yuga? Does old people drill gem gal has the restriction of age? Exercise gem gal does not have the limitation of the age.

Content of a few paragraphs of characters is above we introduced what crowd in detail to suit Lian Yuga, believe to wanted to read the friends of afore-mentioned content seriously only, in the heart also had had deeper knowledge and more skilled control to this kind of crowd. Of course what I still want to remind again is, gem gal is exercise of a kind of static state, get numerous crowd or compare its so extensive, just hope everybody wants to hold to an exercise.

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