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Article introduction

Crab louse is compared among the life namely common, a kind of parasitism grows the helminth that has the place such as hair between human body, for instance parasitism is called in pudenda crab louse, what meet a patient when having crab louse parasitism is healthy cause huge harm, apparent Sao feels in meeting of the patient having a department the phenomenon such as urticant, red, allergic, infection, the remedy that is used at treating crab louse at present is more also, want to undertake choosing according to specific symptom when treat.

 Remedial male crab louse is optimal medicaments

Remedial male crab louse is optimal medicaments

Cootie fast disappear

Cootie the medicaments that fast disappear is a kind of common remedial cootie disease, shadeFall in love with the sea

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Cootie disease, head louse disease can be used. Usage dosage: Before using, had better scrape body hair sulfureous toilet soap or lotion of department of gynaecology clean reoccupy first affected part, take cootie next breast of pure Chinese traditional medicine of fast disappear 5g creamsForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Be in directly 3-5 of affected part knead minute, rinse clean with clear water next can, everyday two.

Lin Dan breast creams

Lin Dan breeds creaming is a kind of common helminthic, basically use at treating scabies and crab louse disease. Usage dosage: Shave goes after pubic hair the inunction is tasted originally, a day of 3 ~ 5.

 Remedial male crab louse is optimal medicaments

Cootie establishs easy

Cootie established easy to increase to be aimed at the composition of specially good effect of crab louse and nutrient cutaneous composition technically, through the clinical test and verify of on 1000 patients, crab louse cure rate is adjacent 100% . Usage dosage: Shave goes after pubic hair, take this to taste right amount join right amount bath to show direct and gentle affected part 3Shanghai night net

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~ 5 minutes. Rinse clean with clear water can. Daily 2 ~ 3.

Ding of the tuber of stemona

Ding of the tuber of stemona is a kind of common Chinese traditional medicine, have effect of very good pesticidal of dispel the wind, basically use at treating all sorts of Sao urticant sex skin disease, for instance tubercle of head louse, crab louse, body louse, scabies, scabies. Usage dosage: Wine dip the tuber of stemona, besmear affected part is brushed after 3 days.

 Remedial male crab louse is optimal medicaments

The harm of crab louse

1, the progenitive capability of crab louse is very strong, can breed everyday 40-50, do not know for long orForum of Shanghai night net

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Do not treat can cause cootie skiing ulcer, afterwards hair contracts other system disease.

2, because crab louse is OK swing, cannot exterminate for long can transmit the body other hairiness sends place, for instance hair, axillary wait place, increase remedial difficulty, the infectivity as a result of crab louse is extremely strong at the same time, can cause the collective infection such as both sides of husband and wife, friend and family, cause a group to come on.

3, because crab louse relies on to suck person blood,live at the same time, body infects someone else gnawing bite each other again, unavoidable infect a few pestiferous, because this discovers crab louse,disease should treat active cure correctly later.

4, crab louse parasitism is on human body, the person is the host of crab louse, crab louse won’t leave host, effective remedy must be adopted after affecting crab louse so, otherwise the harm of crab louse nots allow to ignore.

How to prevent crab louse

1.Notice the individual is wholesome

When journey bussiness trip, need not public bath towel, do not wear other briefs, as not common as other bedding. Pay attention to sanitation, wash bath frequently. Want to often undertake to towel, sheet, underwear boil is cleaned in daily life, insolation is antiseptic.

2.Control infects a source

Outside if discover crab louse patient is divided,be being treated in time, still should track infect origin, be opposite especially its sex spouse, should give the examination is treated. 3. Cut off transmission way

Disease of precautionary crab louse should be put an end to walk the street go whoring and the gender is random, do well evenLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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The individual is wholesome, want to avoid feculent sexual intercourse above all.

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